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Serving employers, youth & job seekers in the cities, towns and counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford.

Importance of Apprenticeship

As our economy evolves, industries in Ontario are adapting in order to remain viable into the future. Industries are developing new trades and technologies that require highly educated skilled workers.

Apprenticeships are a key way for Ontarians to acquire the skills and certification they need to meet the new job market needs.

About Skilled Trades

A skilled trade is an occupation that requires a specific skill or set of skills (e.g., general machinist, hairstylist, plumber, electrician, brick and stone mason, automotive service technician, auto body repairer).

Skilled trades people are involved in almost every aspect of Ontario’s economy and are in high demand in our rapidly changing workforce.

Apprenticeship Poster

A complete listing of each the trades contained in each trade sector.  This information is given in our our 'Types of Trades' section.