Apprenticeship Network

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Serving employers, youth & job seekers in the cities, towns and counties of Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford.

Apprentice Responsibilities

An apprentice is responsible for:

  • Finding your own employer/sponsor and getting hired
  • Following all lawful instruction
  • Becoming a member of the Ontario College of Trades
  • Learning the required skills of the trade
  • Attending the apprenticeship in-school training, as required
  • Tracking his or her training and skills acquired, as outlined in the training standard, including the number of hours worked
  • Notifying the Ministry of any changes to the training agreement, contract or personal information.


Employer Requirements

To train an apprentice, an employer/sponsor must:

  • Have the capacity to provide apprenticeship training according to program requirements
  • Possess the necessary equipment, materials, processes and facilities to support training and foster a professional learning environment
  • Abide by the stipulated ratios for apprentices to journeypersons for the trade (when required), and
  • Support the apprentice to attend the in-school training.

A Sponsor must meet all requirements to qualify.

Employer Responsibilities

An employer/sponsor is responsible for:

  • providing quality training and supervision
  • permitting apprentice to attend in-school training portion of apprenticeship
  • adhering to relevant legislation (i.e., OCTAA)
  • maintaining communication with ministry staff and OCOT
  • ensuring that the apprentice is aware of his/her responsibilities.